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Due to great amount of tests I need to pass *last one on the 30 June*  this blog gonna be on semi-hiatus *some of you have already noticed it* 

Semi-hiatus means I might be exams rebel and hide on tumblr to not study or not pretending I’m actually trying to learn something ;p

It also means I might start posting things not connected to CS and OUAT only *hiatus theme* or not ;p But you can  count on good amount of Colin O’sexyself always :D

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I didn’t  k n o w .

Now I’m sobbing *this is perfection*

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Hooks Expressions towards the Snappy Bandit Snow are Classic and worth appreciating.

Really puts the meaning to his “Like Mother, Like Daughter” comment

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The Bro Nod

You have to know what you stand for, not just what you stand against.
—Laurie Halse Anderson, Speak (via larmoyante)

Believe that a pirate can be a hero

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Fave CS scenes of the Finale → 1/?

Entertainment Weekly called you ‘the hottie of the high seas'…
“What?! I don’t know - I’m sure the colour of my face is probably telling you what I think about that! I don’t know! I mean, what do you say? It’s not the type of thing that you say, ‘Oh, hey, that’s great’, because then you seem really conceited, I guess. It’s embarrassing, but it’s very flattering, very nice to be called ‘the hottie of the high seas’. Yeah, I like it. I’ll get some business cards printed up.”

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Snow Drifts | There’s No Place Like Home

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Anonymous sent:

Hey. Im not sure but i think u may have done a meta on this, but today i got asked 'when did Emma fall for Hook, when did she realise she loves him or not there yet?' & i had to think about it, whilst i can answer for Hook instantly coz we've seen the tranformation to it more on-screen & in his actions, i was surprised that i couldnt answer the Emma question quickly, i know Emma is about action/subtleness but its like which was the pinpoint of it, so i wondering what your thoughts are on it?


I don’t think Emma knows she’s in love with Hook yet. I think she is, but she’s not aware of it. Due to the fairytale ~love-at-first-sight~ nature of the show—OUAT has something of a backwards formula in regards to relationships. Love first, then relationship. 

A big part of the reason Emma held off on embarking on a relationship with Hook was because she was still hesitant to trust his feelings. Emma has always been the instigator of the physical parts of their relationship (in Neverland, in Storybrooke, and even with past!Hook), which indicates that she’s had feelings for him for a long time.


From the very get go—"I can’t take a chance that I’m wrong about you" suggests she’s afraid that her attraction to him, her feelings for him, are a liability. Her feelings only lead to her misjudgment; remember that at this point in her mind, Neal never loved her, and it was her love for him that blinded her and led her into trouble/pain.

But her heart has been so broken and distrustful that it wasn’t until she felt like she had actual PROOF of his feelings (trading the jolly roger) that she was able to return them.

Again—at this point, Emma probably doesn’t consider herself in love with him. She likes him a lot, clearly—but there is a reason that, on a show entirely about swelling and profound love declarations, neither Emma nor Hook have given each other one. Because it’s still to come.

We haven’t gotten “i love you’s” (even from Hook, which is odd, no?) because the writers are still building to that point. 

But since you’re looking for a specific timeline, this is my take on it:

She’s been looking at him with hope for a very long time, much longer than she’s been looking at him with love.





You can see that, in 2x06, she looks at him with the same amount of hope that she does in Neverland. What she’s felt for him has been a constant; but the circumstances that kept them apart kept a barrier between them for the rest of season 2. 

Once Henry and Hook start bonding, Emma allows herself to loosen up. Like Eddy said about last season, Hook’s not the fellow you look at and think “oh, father figure”—but not only does Henry like Hook, it’s mutual. 

You can actually pinpoint the exact moment when this happens, too—the last shift from looking at him with hope to looking at him with affection.


From here on out—the times when she’s mad at him for keeping secrets aside—she’s totally free with her good emotions towards him. Smiling—rare, for Emma. 





And so on. (I got tired of gif hunting)

From all this, you can tell that she likes him, but there are only a few instances where you actually see pure love in her eyes. Those are rarer, because they usually come at a moment where she’s distracted from consequences; aka living in the moment. 

You could make a case that that she looked at him with love rather than hope at the town line at the end of 3x11, but personally, this is the first moment I see it.


This is the moment she fell in love. 


I’m going to talk more about their dance and the subtext of it when I get to meta (ugh whenever that is….hope to get it done today or tomorrow) but yeah…basically, that’s my (very roundabout, longwinded) answer to your question. 

One of these days I’m going to stop chasing this woman.

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