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colin at the sdcc 2014

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On Hook and Neal/Baelfire’s last moment — (x)

jes this hurts literally hurts



the fact that it’s confirmed by colin (and probably by the script/writing guidelines he was given for the episode)

that Killian would have changed his whole life for Bae

that he would have laid aside his quest for revenge

to raise Bae like his own son

and then when he finds Emma he finds another person to love, another reason for change

and just the utter, steadfast devotion Killian Jones has to the people he chooses to love and how quickly he chooses to love them


OHHH GOOO AWAYYYYYY! *cries in the corner*


Interviewer: Do we get to see anything about [..] them trying to work out the day to day intricacies of dating?


Two lies and a truth (x)


Jennifer & Colin interview with KSiteTV


Pretty smooth sailing for you and Emma, who’s gunna pop up from the past to sweep her away so that you have to continue to chase this woman?

#colin is not impressed by that idea


Colin is soooo excited for his costume!! (spoiler alert he hesitates when the awesome interviewer asks about the little ‘hook’ / tiny hand) haha

(yep other spoiler alert: Adam & Eddy said he could get his hand back in other interview.so there ya go.. new costume has to fit with/ without a brace probably? 

two lies, one truth

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"Somehow you magically smell good in that outfit that you’ve been wearing for 300 years." 

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Colin’s stupidly adorable face when he can’t come up with a third thing to say.




This is fantastic! And hilarious.

And holy bejesus at some of them!

Holy shit is Hook going to get his hand back? Also another Emma/Hook kiss? But the hand back has to be the truth in that one.

IKR? Knowing Eddy (and Adam) it happens in a dream or something. But still… holy crap. I want to read
ALL the theories on how this happens!

All I hear kiss and all I see Colin’s dirty playing with his tongue! *.*