"Can you tease whatever big thing might be coming in the season finale?"

shhhh * I hear the evil laugh in the background*


Hook & Smee

Dat is f*cking unfair!

And I swear to god I was waiting for the first 30 times for her to grab him, cover his eyes and ask: Who’s there? Killian: My true love.
*looking for the nearest vulcano*

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Happy Happy easter everyone !

As always I said before It stared I’mnot gonna eat too much

After: I shall not ate that much next time!

I spent amazing two days with my whole family - they’re creating holiday’s magic with all that sacrcastic, spicy, old like gods socks quarrels - but whithout smookin arguments It would not feel soo like home I guess!

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can you give a summary of the latest spoilers??


Important bits:

Michael Socha (Knave) looks set to join OUAT. However, what happens with Anastasia is to be revealed.

MRJ can always come back in flashbacks.

We’ll see Ruby again.

We’ll see Katherine (!) again.

Season finale written as one entity and will be 2 hours; will be something fans didn’t know they wanted.

Season 4 in planning stages but seeds of it are in the finale. 

It will also continue to be broken up; 4A and 4B.

Josh said that the tv/real life pregnancy of his wife feeds one another. 

Like in Neverland, everyone has to pull together to defeat the villain since she wants something from everyone. 

In regards to Season 4, Josh said in the season finale we should “wait to see who we’re going to meet” because that’s part of the next arc. (Michael Socha, maybe?)

Josh talked about Snowing’s relationship as being absolute equals, as well as the character development David has had since Storybrooke to now, and found his way back to Charming.

The heart of the show is truly hope, who is represented by Emma. Everyone puts their hope on/in her, which can be a burden for her. 

Not a whole lot with the Rebecca interview but it’s worth a watch; she talked about how her experiences informed the character and what’s it like coming on OUAT. She’s also hilarious!

Soon the show will go back to Oz and Zelena will have some good scenes with Glinda.

She said she was specifically told to not even tease what Zelena wants with the baby, so that’s interesting.

I swear on Emma Swan..

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Character development is, by definition, the change in characterization of a dynamic character, over the course of a narrative. X

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Because apparently I’m a big masochist (and please don’t kill me).

Also, Colin, seriously, you’re going to be left with no fans at all (because we’ll all be dead of feels) if you keep this up… YOUR VOICE AND ACTING CHOICES ARE KILLING ME OMFG -__-


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Killian Jones + “The Jolly Roger”

Smokin hot


3x18 Bleeding through sneak peek

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emma swan or killian jones

It feels good